More About Jonelle Marchese

Manager – Buffalo Office
716.688.8161 ext 339

Jonelle most definitely got her outgoing personality from her mother. She has fond memories of her mother volunteering for every activity in town, singing in the church choir and just being there when a friend wanted to sit down for a cup of coffee. She was so well known in town that when Jonelle’s mother passed away, the local newspaper wrote that the “coffee was always brewing at 33 Pine Street.” Jonelle would love to have an opportunity to have one more cup of coffee with her mom and thank her for all the amazing memories.

In her free time, Jonelle likes to watch or play tennis or spend time with Elvis. No, not THAT Elvis – her dog Elvis. And also her dogs Rosie and Pudgy. She’ll also dust off the VCR from time to time and reminisce with her nieces while they watch old home movies.